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Target Hardening

Deterence is the best defence in protecting your home and business. A thief will keep moving, looking for an easier target, rather than tackle a reinforced entry point. Target hardening is the process of strengthening those common break and enter points.

Coast Time Lock & Key Co. can help you secure your home and business. We are a local locksmith with over 30 years of residential and commercial high security locksmith experience. You can count on us for security you can trust.

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Door Security Hardware

SV25 Blocker

The SV25 blocker is an 8 inch long and 2½ inch wide cover that protects the lock cylinder. The SV25 blocker is bolted through the door from the inside ensuring it stays securely on.

This blocker has already stopped one break-in as indicated by the damage marks to the right and slightly below the key hole.

Medium grey steel SV25 blockers attached to steel door

Door Knob Cover

A Door Knob Cover increases the strength and durability of your door knobs. These covers are secured to the door, protecting the door knob from pipe wrench and other devices commonly used for break and enter.

When you put a Door Knob Cover to work with an Astragal, your door becomes virtually impenetrable to common break in tactics.

Black and grey powder coated door knob covers attached to steel door

Exit Only Set

Inside only door knob allows for one way exit and is handy for employee or emergency exits. With no key cylinder or door knob to attack, thieves are quickly deterred.

We recommend you combine it with an Astragal as shown in this installation for the ultimate door defense.

Stainless steel exit only knob sets attached to blue steel door

Door Bars

Door bars increase the security of your glass doors. We also recommend window bars as a fast, efficient way to increase the security of existing windows without having to upgrade.

Light grey steel door bars attached to a store front glass doors.


Thieves commonly employ a pry tool and distort the door jamb until the door can be forced open. An Astragal covers the gap where the door meets the jamb, reinforcing the door at its weakest point. This is one of the most important upgrades for home or business security.

An astragal combined with our high security locks and blockers makes your door virtually impenetrable to common break-in tactics.

Stainless steel Astragals attached covering the door jamb gaps.

Expandable Gates

Expandable gates offer an extra layer of protection to your home or business. These steel gates restrict entering from the outside but allow you to move freely and you can easily deconstruct the gate when you need to leave. They're safe, easy to install and tear down, and can be used for any type of security.

Expandable gate covering a door.
90 Day Warranty

When you choose Coast Time Lock & Key Co. we provide you with a 90 day warranty on all our products and services. If your lock or security system stops working within that time period, we will service and repair it at no extra cost to you. Call (604) 734-7733 for more details.

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